Event | 30 August 2016

EmpowerWomen.Org webinar: Energy and women's empowerment

06 May 2016

The relationship between energy and gender is multifaceted; women often lack access to energy for household cooking, washing and other tasks, but their input is often not included in policy and project planning. Projects in energy development that take into account women's roles and requirements with respect to energy will be more effective and sustainable than those that do not. But energy is also a sector ripe with opportunity to be a locus for women's economic empowerment.

On 6 May,, together with UNIDOUN Women, and ENERGIA, hosted a webinar on "RE-Thinking the Role of Energy Technology for Women’s Empowerment." The webinar explored the ways in which gender equality and climate and energy technologies can each contribute to the advancement of the other, from labor-saving devices that enable men to become more involved with household labor to extending the evening hours that women can spend in productive activity.