News | 10 December 2018

GenderInSITE report completed: "Pathways to Success: Bringing a Gender Lens to the Scientific Leadership of Global Challenges"

We are delighted to inform our colleagues and partners that GIS has completed the report Pathways to Success: Bringing a Gender Lens to the Scientific Leadership of Global Challenges, which explores the issue of women’s leadership in science. Through interviews with women and men who lead international science and technology projects, the report highlights alternative pathways to success, and ways in which institutional change is so elusive and hard to achieve. In these narratives, gender is recognised as an important factor in the career and leadership trajectories of individual scientists and in how science for sustainable development is carried out.

This ‘pathways’ approach resonates with the overall GenderInSITE mission which aims to "demonstrate how applying a gender lens to science, innovation, technology and engineering (SITE) can provide deeper insights, more effective programmes and more sustainable outcomes in the context of development". This report is, therefore, a contribution to the core aim and mission of GenderInSITE and to the discussion around the Sustainable Development Goals.

We wish to thank the Institute of Development Studies team and all the authors, Linda Waldman, Alice Abreu, Becky Faith, Tabitha Hrynick, Inés Sánchez de Madariaga, and Lucilla Spini, for their efforts and commitment. We hope that their contribution will help to ensure women researchers are represented and heard, and that a gender lens is applied at all levels of the international scientific enterprise.

A pdf copy is available here. A number of printed copies will also be provided for the launch of the report, date and venue to be determined.


Shirley Malcom                                                                          Fang Xin 

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