News | 30 August 2016

GenderInSITE talks gender in science diplomacy with Flavia Schlegel, Sergio Pastrana and Marga Gual Soler

In June 2015, participants from 30 countries came together at the headquarters of TWAS, The World Academy of Sciences in Trieste, Italy for the annual AAAS-TWAS Science Diplomacy summer course. Over the five days of the course, they explored various intersections between science and diplomacy, hearing from speakers on subjects including managing transboundary science and providing scientific advice to policymakers, and engaging in practical simulations of scenarios where science diplomacy might be used.

GenderInSITE took the opportunity to ask some of the speakers and participants about their views on the role of women in science and in science diplomacy. Below, we talk to UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Natural Sciences Flavia Schlegel, Sergio Pastrana of the Cuban Academy of Sciences and Marga Gual Soler of AAAS's Center for Science Diplomacy.



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