News | Latin America and the Carribean | 30 August 2016

Preview: GenderInSITE at CILAC 2016

GenderInSITE will participate in three sessions at the I Latin American and the Caribbean Open Science Forum (CILAC 2016) , which will take place from 6-9 September in Montevideo, Uruguay. The Forum will bring together prominent and early-career scientists, policymakers, business leaders, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders to discuss plans for a regional agenda aligned with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and to highlight recent innovations in science and technology in the region. It is organized jointly by the UNESCO Montevideo office, the government of Montevideo, the Uruguayan National Agency for Research and Innovation (ANII), the Universidad de la República (UDELAR, Uruguay), and the Association of Universities Grupo Montevideo (AUGM).

The three sessions organized by GenderInSITE for the event are:


Networking globally to advance women in science: the role of international organizations
Wednesday, 7 September from 16:00-17:15

This thematic session, organized in partnership with the World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), the Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD), and the InterAcademy Partnership/ The Inter American Network of Academies of Sciences (IAP/IANAS), will invite representatives of each organization to discuss their successful practices in capacity building, networking, leadership training and awareness raising in regards to women scientists, and the need to bring a gender lens to sustainable development. Panellists will include:

  1. Jana Rodriguez Hertz, Vice-President for Latin America and the Caribbean, the Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World
  2. TWAS – Prof. Lúcia Mendonça Previato, Institute of Microbiology, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
  3. IAP/IANAS – Prof. Maryse Lassonde, President, Royal Society of Canada: The Academies of Arts, Humanities and Sciences of Canada
  4. IAP/IANAS – Katherine Vammen, Deputy Director, Nicaraguan Research Center for Water Resources of the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua
  5. Moderator – Prof. Em. Alice Abreu, GenderInSITE


Managing water in the Americas: bringing a science and gender lens to the table 
Friday, 9 September from 14:30-15:45

This thematic session is also organized in partnership with IAP/IANAS. It will share the recommendations produced in a workshop at the TWAS Science Diplomacy Workshop on Sustainable Water Management as well as those made from the IANAS study 'Diagnosis of Water in the Americas', highlighting the need to bring a science and gender lens to water management and use in the Americas. Panellists will include:

  1. Marcia Barbosa, Director, Institute of Physics, UFRGS, Brazil
  2. Katherine Vammen, Dean, Faculty of Science, Technology and Environment, Central American University (UCA), Nicaragua
  3. Alice Abreu, Director, GenderInSITE


Progress in integrating the gender perspective in Science, Innovation and Technology policies: Experiences in Latin America and Europe

Wednesday, 7 September from 12:00-13:15

This thematic session is organized by the GenderInSITE regional focal point for Latin America and the Caribbean, the UNESCO regional chair on Women in Science and Technology in Latin America, and is organized in partnership with Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO), Argentina. It will present examples of policies and programs in place in Latin America and Europe aimed at ensuring gender equality in scientific, technological and innovation-related fields. Panellists will analyze the conceptual frameworks of these policies, strategies, results and lessons learned so as to provide recommendations for future policy measures that contribute to achieving these goals. Panellists will include:

  1. Carolina Vásquez Soto, Vice-Minister of Science and Technology, Costa Rica
  2. Maxime Forest, EGERA (7th Framework Programme) Scientific Coordinator, Associate Researcher and Lecturer, Sciences Po, France


GenderInSITE invites all attending the CILAC forum to come hear our speakers and learn more about these important subjects.