27 Nov 2020
This policy brief considers the importance of applying a gender lens to innovation and sustainable development. It summarizes the key results of the workshop “Gender and Innovation: Implications for Sustainable Development”, held in Pretoria, South Africa, in September 2017.
05 Nov 2019
This GENDERACTION Policy Brief presents policy recommendations on structural change for gender equality in Research Funding and Performing Organisations. Its goal is to summarise compulsory elements of the structural change approach and present recommendations for taking structural change forward in the next framework programme period.
05 Nov 2019
This Call is a message from participants of the "Research and Innovation Excellence through gender equality" conference organized by the Finnish Presidency of the Council of the EU. It is directed to EU Member States and Associated Countries, the European Commission, research and innovation funding agencies, R&I-performing institutions, private companies and stakeholders.
29 May 2019
A policy brief for the GenderInSITE report "Pathways to Success: Bringing a Gender Lens to the Scientific Leadership of Global Challenges", including targeted policy recommendations towards gender equality in scientific leadership.
21 Jun 2017
International Institute for Sustainable Development, 2017: Policy brief explores how global standards and guidelines contribute to gender equality and women’s empowerment, and whether more can be done through these instruments to improve the situation of women in agriculture.
27 Oct 2016
Asian Development Bank, 2015: Policy brief draws on rapid assessments of sexual harassment in public transportation conducted in three countries in Asia, and attempts to specify recommended actions to prevent and address sexual harassment in public transportation and its related spaces such as train platforms and bus stops.
29 Sep 2016
GenPORT: Series of 25 policy briefs in: Recruitment & Promotion of Female Researchers; Implementing Gender Equality Plans in Research Performing Organisations (RPOs); Integrating the Gender Dimension into Research Content for RPOs; Integrating the Gender Dimension into Research Content for Research Funding Organisations (RFOs); Gender Balance in Decision-Making; and Thematic Briefs.
23 Sep 2016
UNDP, 2014: Series of policy briefs and training modules on gender and climate change for practitioners and policy makers in Africa with themes of specific relevance to Africa, including a general overview of climate change issues, adaptation, agriculture and food security, equitable energy access, and climate finance.
22 Sep 2016
ENERGIA: Fact sheet outlines the main issues in gender mainstreaming in sustainable energy, and provides key recommendations and examples of specific energy projects where gender mainstreaming was implemented.
21 Sep 2016
UN Water, 2006: Brief outlines ome of the major factors that need to be addressed to implement a gender approach to water resources and sanitation management, and suggests actions to promote direct involvement of both women and men at all levels: national governments; regional/local governments; communities and civil society organizations; donors; and international organizations.
20 Sep 2016
CCAFS/CGIAR, 2015: Policy provides five policy lessons to support women farmers in relation to climate change, based on evidence from research in low- and middle income countries and offers guidelines for crafting gender-responsive climate policies at global and national levels.
19 Sep 2016
League of European Research Universities, 2015: Paper outlines research areas with a need for gender analysis in research and innovation (GRI) and explains the role of Social Sciences and Humanities research in GRI. It gives concrete examples of research projects that include a GRI dimension and looks at established or emerging practice at LERU universities and other organizations.
16 Sep 2016
UNDP, 2009: Guide for practitioners and policy makers on the linkages between gender equality and climate change and their importance in relation to the achievement of the MDGs, highlighting why it is important to include women in climate change policy and programming, and demonstrating how women’s contributions can strengthen the effectiveness of climate change measures.
15 Sep 2016
OECD International Transport Forum, 2011: Report presents an overview of gender issues in transport as well as good practices and a set of recommendations for both developed and developing countries, urban and rural areas, and infrastructure and services
12 Sep 2016
United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and UN Women, 2013: Guidance Note provides a brief overview of issues related to gender equality, women’s empowerment and sustainable energy