12 Oct 2016
CGIAR: Strategyoutlines the process and approach that the MAIZE program has adopted in order to contribute to and promote gender equality and equity in agricultural research for development (R4D) related to maize-based systems.
12 Oct 2016
CGIAR, 2013: Gender strategy lays out approaches to improve how women are included in livestock agriculture and aquaculture, and to improve the equity of the social and institutional environments in which value chains function to enhance the range and quality of choices and outcomes poor women and men have within them.
12 Oct 2016
CGIAR/International Agricultural Research Center in the Dry Areas (ICARDA), 2014: Report from a training workshop covering the practical, technical and analytical aspects of gender mainstreaming in dryland agriculture, as well as lessons learned for consideration in future trainings.
06 Oct 2016
CGIAR, 2015: Intended for biophysical research scientists, specifically working on dryland systems, these guidelines for integrating gender into biophysical research propose simple and practical steps for taking gender into account throughout the research project cycle.
20 Sep 2016
CCAFS/CGIAR, 2015: Policy provides five policy lessons to support women farmers in relation to climate change, based on evidence from research in low- and middle income countries and offers guidelines for crafting gender-responsive climate policies at global and national levels.