08 Feb 2017
European Commission, 2015: Guidelines to help science organizations develop and implement policies to promote women’s participation in science, including collecting data and monitoring gender equality, engaging leaderships, policy-making and institutionalisation, etworking and empowering women to take action, integrating gender in education and research, and communications.
06 Oct 2016
AgShare, 2015: Guidelines for integrating a gender perspective into the different components of the AgShare methodology, a model that provides strategies for a coherent institutional approach to teaching and research in order to create a scalable and sustainable method of filling critical resource gaps in African MSc agriculture curriculum.
19 Sep 2016
U.S. Department of Education/Institute of Education Sciences, 2007: Practice guide formulates specific and coherent evidence-based recommendations for STEM educators to encourage girls in these fields. The target audience is teachers and other school personnel with direct contact with students. It includes specific recommendations as well as evidence to support them.
19 Sep 2016
UNESCO, 2006: Module provides counselling and guidance materials covering science education, depicting the overall picture of women in science including beliefs, attitudes, cultural and societal pressures, together with examples of famous female scientists. It provides career guidance tools as well as ways to reduce the under-representation and under-achievement of girls in STEM.
TYPE: Training
19 Sep 2016
Women in to Science and Engineering (WISE), 2012: Summary of key points from a UK-based research review of gender in STEM and recommendations for organizations working to attract more women and girls to study science, technology, and mathematics.
TYPE: Data
01 Sep 2016
Network of African Science Academies (NASAC), 2015: Report from a workshop on mainstreaming gender in science education makes numerous recommendations on increasing the participation of girls in science and promoting gender empowerment in the African context
01 Sep 2016
American Association of University Women (AAUW), 2010: Report presents eight recent research findings that provide evidence that social and environmental factors contribute to the underrepresentation of women in science and engineering.