20 Sep 2016
CCAFS/CGIAR, 2015: Policy provides five policy lessons to support women farmers in relation to climate change, based on evidence from research in low- and middle income countries and offers guidelines for crafting gender-responsive climate policies at global and national levels.
16 Sep 2016
GTZ, 2010: Working paper traces the ways in which women’s economic empowerment through climate mitigation and adaptation fosters economic growth and socioeconomic development, reduces poverty, keeps environmental problems in check, and increases the potential for adaptation
TYPE: Reports
16 Sep 2016
UNDP, 2009: Guide for practitioners and policy makers on the linkages between gender equality and climate change and their importance in relation to the achievement of the MDGs, highlighting why it is important to include women in climate change policy and programming, and demonstrating how women’s contributions can strengthen the effectiveness of climate change measures.