05 Nov 2019
This Call is a message from participants of the "Research and Innovation Excellence through gender equality" conference organized by the Finnish Presidency of the Council of the EU. It is directed to EU Member States and Associated Countries, the European Commission, research and innovation funding agencies, R&I-performing institutions, private companies and stakeholders.
30 Aug 2017
World Bank/International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, 2017: Report reviews the literature on gender and water, examines how norms and practices related to water exacerbate gender inequalities, and discusses examples of initiatives that have had intended and unintended consequences for gender equality.
TYPE: Reports
13 Jul 2017
Oxfam, 2017: Journal issue of Gender and Development focuses on water and sanitation from the perspective of gender justice and women's rights. It highlights the importance of WASH provision for women and girls, examines the gender aspects of WASH in more detail,and considers current policy and programme approaches to WASH that aim to address women’s and girls’ needs and interests.
TYPE: Other, Reports
12 Oct 2016
European Institute for Gender Equality, 2014: Publication summarises the findings of the in-depth study of gender-equality training performed in the framework of EIGE’s 2-year project, Gender Training in the European Union; it looks at the preconditions and factors contributing to effective delivery of training on gender equality.
TYPE: Training
31 Aug 2016
UNESCO, 2010 Background paper gives an overview of the state of women in science and technology (S&T) fields starting from primary education, and makes recommendations to close the gender gap.
31 Aug 2016
AAAS for the Global Alliance for Diversifying the Science and Engineering Workforce, 2000 Booklet offers examples of how science, engineering, and technology intersect the critical issues articulated in the 1995 Platform for Action from the Women and NGO Forum in Beijing, China.