10 Dec 2018
This report explores the issue of women’s leadership in science. Through interviews with women and men who lead international science and technology projects, the report highlights alternative pathways to success, and ways in which institutional change is so elusive and hard to achieve.
TYPE: Reports
21 Feb 2018
A booklet of fact sheets to provide an overview of the gender dimensions of the six GenderInSITE thematic areas: climate change, agriculture & food security, water & sanitation, energy, transportation, and education & the workforce
20 Sep 2016
GARCIA Project, 2015: Toolkit to help researchers integrate the gender dimension in their ongoing research and teaching (of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral courses), to apply to new projects and students’ curricula, and to produce gender-sensitive outcomes.
TYPE: Toolkits
19 Sep 2016
Asian Development Bank/Australian Aid, 2013: Toolkit presents a menu of gender equality outcomes, results, and indicators that may be selected or adapted by development practitioners to ensure that gender perspectives are incorporated into development initiatives, and to monitor and evaluate gender equality results.
TYPE: Toolkits
01 Sep 2016
Portia Ltd, 2013: Report explaining how gender can make research more meaningful and open up new markets for scientific knowledge
31 Aug 2016
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), 2011 Report draws attention to the importance of applying a gender lens to STI policy and provides case studies on best practices in this area.