10 Dec 2018
This report explores the issue of women’s leadership in science. Through interviews with women and men who lead international science and technology projects, the report highlights alternative pathways to success, and ways in which institutional change is so elusive and hard to achieve.
TYPE: Reports
08 Feb 2017
European Commission, 2015: Guidelines to help science organizations develop and implement policies to promote women’s participation in science, including collecting data and monitoring gender equality, engaging leaderships, policy-making and institutionalisation, etworking and empowering women to take action, integrating gender in education and research, and communications.
07 Feb 2017
International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP), 2016: Toolkit provides the materials and resources to run a gender sensitization workshop within an institution, with six modules covering topics from exploring gender concepts, to considering gender in a higher education context, to developing an initial action plan based on the workshop outcomes.
TYPE: Toolkits