08 Feb 2017
European Commission, 2015: Guidelines to help science organizations develop and implement policies to promote women’s participation in science, including collecting data and monitoring gender equality, engaging leaderships, policy-making and institutionalisation, etworking and empowering women to take action, integrating gender in education and research, and communications.
22 Sep 2016
UNDP, 2007: Manual examines environment and energy development projects, policies and decision-making processes from a gender perspective. Written for UNDP staff working with national counterparts in governments and NGOs, it can also be used by other development practitioners working in the field of environment and energy.
21 Sep 2016
Ethiopia Ministry of Water Resources and Women’s Affairs Department, 2005: Manual enables regional water sector personnel to easily understand and optimally utilize the gender equality perspective in their day-today operations. It presents gender analysis tools and mainstreaming methodologies to facilitate gender sensitive development in the sector.
21 Sep 2016
Gender and Water Alliance/Rwanda Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion, 2007: Manuel provides participatory gender-sensitive training for water professionals at the policy, project and administrative levels through building their capacity for mainstreaming gender into WASH programs.
11 Aug 2016
Report maps pathways for making climate change responses more gender aware and potentially transformative, arguing that gender transformation should be both a potential end goal and an important condition of effective climate change responses and poverty reduction [Available in English, Spanish and French]
TYPE: Manuals