News | Arab Region, Sub-Saharan Africa | 22 July 2019

Gendered Innovations: Case Studies from Africa - Call for Proposals Now Open

The value of case studies as a tangible means to demonstrate the complex linkages between gender, innovation and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as was underscored at a recent Pretoria workshop by the impressive work of Prof Londa Schiebinger of Stanford University.

In an attempt to promote the importance of gendered innovation, this project aims to identify and showcase case studies from the African continent that demonstrate either the positive impacts of gendered innovation or the negative consequences when gender is not considered. 

The case studies will also aid in informing policymakers, academic planners, both male and female scientists, media and civil society on the importance of gender equality to advance science, technology and innovation for development, at national, regional and global levels. The case studies should highlight the impact of using a gender lens to bring about gender equality in society; and suggest ways of how national governments can improve their support to enhance their contribution to inclusive development.

The final selected case study will be transformed into a professional short video, clearly showing the central issues of the case study. The video will be used to advocate and influence policymakers and funders, international organisations and other relevant institutions involved in the implementation of the SDGs. 

Application Process

There is a two-step application process:

  • The first step is to submit a written proposal using the application form. Submitted case study proposals will be reviewed by a committee, and a shortlist compiled.
  • Shortlisted applicants will be invited to a workshop to be convened most likely in South Africa to present their case studies. Thereafter the successful case study/studies will be announced, and arrangements made to showcase it/them will be made.

Applications must be submitted to by 14 August 2019


Any individual, or institution working in, or wanting to innovate in Science, Technology, and Engineering, specifically as it relates to the dimension of gender in Africa.