Event | 30 August 2016

GenderInSITE workshop on Applying a Gender Lens to Your Research at the OWSD 5th General Assembly

OWSD 5th General Assembly, Kuwait City, Kuwait 18 May 2016

GenderInSITE will host a workshop entitled ‘Applying a Gender Lens to (Your) Research,’ for interested participants in the OWSD 5th General Assembly and International Conference who are interested in gender in science issues and would like to build their understanding of the gendered dynamics of scientific research through an interactive discussion. The workshop will take place on Wednesday, 18 May from 11:00-13:00.

Workshop participants will take part in an interactive discussion looking at their own and others’ research to answer such questions as, Is this research designed to consider both women and men equally? What are the implications of this research for women and men? Has the gender dimension ever been mentioned to you in the course of planning or executing your research by colleagues or supervisors? What do you think are potential gender dimensions to consider in your field?

The workshop will be coordinated by GIS Director Alice Abreu and led by Dalia Saad, a South Africa-based researcher with a background in nanotechnology and water sustainability who recently transitioned to full-time study of the intersections of gender and sustainable water management.

The workshop is envisioned to be a quick capacity-building exercise to build awareness and enable participants to apply a gender lens in their own and others’ research. In order to maximize the value and guarantee full participation from all attending, a maximum of around 30 participants will be accepted.

Please email for more information about this workshop.