News | 17 November 2016

New course: Integrate gender into your scientific research

At the Gender Summit 9 - Europe, GenderInSITE had the opportunity to hear director Nick Perkins introduce SciDev's newest online course, on integrating a gender lens into the scientific research process. While many researchers agree that awareness of gender dimensions of research should make for better and more equitable outcomes, it may be difficult to know how exactly to identify and incorporate these dimensions in one's own research. This course is designed for researchers and students in the life and natural sciences who seek a better understanding of these concepts. The course is free to enrol, with unlimited lifetime access. See details from below:


Becoming more gender-aware in your scientific research will maximise your impact and global reach.

Our new FREE online course<> will help you understand why reflecting gender awareness is so important. We also explore the implications for science and global policy agendas, including the climate change agreements and the Sustainable Development Goals. This course draws on a wide range of practical examples and provides activities to build your competence wherever you may be doing your research.

Take this course and learn:<>

* What we mean by integrating gender into research

* Why gender-awareness in scientific research is so important

* What gender-awareness means for different areas of science

* How to integrate gender for better research quality and impact

* Basic advocacy methods for ensuring your research informs wider global agendas such as the Sustainable Development Goals

* How to ensure your research has maximum impact and contributes to change